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Montana's Community Reinvestment Plan

The Montana Community Reinvestment Plan proposes to fund and procure attainable workforce housing in Montana to address the workforce housing crisis facing the State.  The plan will facilitate the establishment of regional collaboration entities (called Community Reinvestment Organizations or “CROs”) throughout the State and is aimed to provide guidance in attaining the needed resources and structure for leaders and policymakers to use in making immediate and long-term decisions.

Applying regional solutions concerning housing is necessary. Since housing challenges are shared, including job markets, commuting areas, commerce, services, institutions, and amenities, resources should be shared to create housing opportunities that exceed individual communities attempting to bridge the gap in isolation.

Montana Community Reinvestment Organization

Regional Districts

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Providing Resources.
Affecting Change.

Montana Attainable Housing Alliance saw the dire need for a solution and began working immediately to deliver relief by developing an economic and humanitarian stabilization plan for the residents of Montana communities.

Partnering with local stakeholders and State and Local Governments, this plan serves as a catalyst for long-term growth. One that maximizes every dollar in the system to provide greater efficiencies and multiple return opportunities typically not available in the Public space.

Alliance Contributors

A Sustainable Plan of Action

In addition to the policy and decision-making structures, the plan also incorporates financial and logistical support to the Community Reinvestment Organizations to ensure maximum operational success. These housing toolkits will provide mechanisms, policies and practices local communities can use to meet their housing needs at a local level.

Housing the Underserved

Stabilizing the Economy

Generating Tax Revenue

Galvanizing the Workforce

Supporting the Local Schools

Providing Humanitarian Relief

Support for the Montana Community Reinvestment Plan

We Work Together. We Win Together.

HB 819 is the catalyst for attainable workforce housing in every community throughout Montana.

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